Blackwing Goodnight Moon- Sold

Blackwing Goodnight Moon aka Groot

2017 purebred Connemara colt
Blue Rock Fintan X Wildwych Dreamtime by Aran Milano
Chestnut to grey
HWSD N/N (both parents are N/N)
Sold to Melissa Mayo 

Groot is a fabulous little athlete and very sweet baby boy. He’s friendly, brave, and curious. He has three excellent gaits, is uphill, balanced, and moves with cadence and suspension. Dreamtime has produced fabulous athletes from several different stallions and we expect this little guy to be no different. From Dreamtime’s first foal, Wildwych Eclipse, to her filly foal last year, Blackwing Cajun Lullaby, she has consistently produced offspring with good gaits and a fabulous jump. They also have a keen work ethic and a desire to please. Groot is Fintan’s second foal and we are thoroughly pleased with the result. For more information on Dreamtime and Fintan, please see their pages.  Blue Rock Fintan  Wildwych Dreamtime It is my guess that Groot will mature top of the line large though he could go over. Groot can be sold as a performance gelding or, to the right home, as a stallion prospect. For more information, please contact me via or through our contact page.

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