Blackwing Thunderstruck- Sold

Doc as a yearling
Ace as a yearling


Blackwing Thunderstruck
Aug 2015 3/4 Connemara colt
Grey from bay
(Wildwych Thundersnow X Wildwych Trollop by *Glenormiston Flurry Knox)

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“Ace” is a 3/4 Connemara colt born Aug 2015. He is super cute and cheeky with a puppy dog personality. He was born bay but is quickly greying out. I expect Ace to mature in the 13.2 to 14 hand range though his sire is producing ponies with height so I could be wrong. Ace is the farm favorite. Ponies, humans, and even the dogs seem to think he’s something special. He would agree. He is everyone’s best buddy and Elsa’s partner in crime. This little lad will make a best friend and stalwart companion. He’s got three good gaits and an impressive jump. Though younger than the other three foals this year by over two months, he’s often the leader in their games and adventures. Nothing much scares little Ace and very little intimidates him.

Ace’s sire, Wildwych Thundersnow, picture by Mary Prewitt
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