Windy Isles Belle Starr- sold


IMG_2502Windy Isles Island Prince X Windy Isles Quiet Lady by *The Quietman
2011 purebred Connemara mare Grey from bay
Approximately 14.1

Belle is now owned by Larry Weid and Lisa Etzel.

Belle’s video

Belle’s Pedigree

Belle is ready for her own person. This pony had so much reason to distrust humans but she never has, not from the moment she walked off of the trailer, skin and bones, to the moment Sydney first sat on her back. Belle is a joy. She is very, very pony with a ton of heart, a cheeky, mischievous and humorous disposition, and a gentleness and kindness all her own. Belle is athletic. She has three good gaits with a ground eating gallop. She has excellent bone and substance. She is eager to work and is a willing partner. She is good for the farrier, for the vet, and for kids who just want to brush a pony. She’s good turned out with mares, geldings, foals, yearlings, and anything in between. She is an excellent nanny to the young and companion pony to the elderly or infirmed. She has been backed, walks, trots, and canters under saddle including over cross rails and small verticals (up to 2’3″). She’s also being ridden on and off of property (bareback with a halter and lead rope at times) and exposed to dogs, cats, chickens, galloping ponies, the neighboring cows, bikes, loud trucks,  etc. She’s more the curious, into everything type, than the spooky, run away type. She crossed ditches, walked past a bike race, navigated trails, etc. better than the more experience lead ponies. At the present, she stands at 14.1. HWSD is pending. Email


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