Wildwych Lantana

Bella and Sydney, The Fall Classics, Amen Corner, October 2014

*Glenormiston Flurry Knox X *Skatholm Rose by Dangan Boy
2007 purebred Connemara mare
14.2 1/2h


Wildwych Lantana, aka Bella, is our heart. She is the perfect Connemara pony- willing to do anything asked, gentle and kind, playful and opinionated. Bella is boss mare and runs the farm with a firm hand. She is athletic, with a beautiful jump, and easy going- willing to sedately tote around Granny or gallop the fields with Sydney. She’s been to A shows, to schooling shows, has been dressed as a minion and as the Emerald City for costume classes, and has been trailered to Amelia Island for beach play. She’s had flowers braided into her mane and tail for a “photo shoot” and been swimming in the muddy red water of the pond on a memorable Christmas morning. Bella has had four foals for us. The first, Blackwing Fleur de Lis, is a colt by Sly. The others,  Blackwing Tale of Desperaux, Blackwing Mardi Gras, and Blackwing Neverland are colts by Fintan. All of her boys are super kind, super sweet, and willing with a gentleness and love for their humans that is innately Bella.

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