Blue Rock Fintan

Blue Rock Fintan, June 2017, 4 years old

Wildwych Wily Casanova X *Murvey Inver Lor by Currachmore Cashel
2013 purebred Connemara stallion
Heterozygous Grey from bay
2019 Stud fee: $800 LFG
Available Live Cover or Fresh Cooled for shipping


2018 UPDATE!!

2018 was a busy and productive year for Fintan. He started out the year by attending his first clinic where he was well behaved and attentive in mixed groups. He then headed  home to cover a couple of mares, Wildwych Jezebel and *Glenormiston Clemma, before heading back to the south shore to go into a more regular training program for the summer. In the fall, he attended his first dressage clinic with Leif Sorensen at Oak Hill Ranch in Folsom, headed home to cover two mares, Wildwych Dreamtime and Blackwing Killer Queen, then turned back around and traveled to his first horse show where he was shown by junior, Avery Wegmann, in the Hopeful Jumpers. (.75m) In November, he attended a Buddy Brown clinic held at Fox Ridge Farms and finished the year with another clinic with Laureen McKenzie. He has truly matured over the past year and we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for him!

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Fintan, spring 2017

We had the chance to purchase Fintan late in his two year old year. He came to Blackwing as a barely handled young stallion and pleased us all with his willing and eager nature. Fintan is brave, kind, and athletic with gaits that improve on both his sire’s and his dam’s. Wanting to give him time to mentally and physically mature, we chose to wait until summer of his 3 year old year to use him on our mares. He covered his first mares- Wildwych Lantana, *Fairyhill Queen, Wildwych Dreamtime, and *Glenormiston Clemma. All four were confirmed in foal and the countdown to his first foals began. In August of 2016, Fintan was started undersaddle. Like his sire, Fintan was a gentleman under tack being ridden by all ages in groups that include mares, geldings, and even his father. In his four year old year, our plan is to slowly bring him along, allowing him to set the pace while he continues to grow and mature. He has been jumped a handful of times, been ridden off the property alone and in groups, and is regularly trailered to my work (hunter/jumper barn) for lessons. In everything, he maintains his willingness and desire to work. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented young guy.

Late May of 2017, Fintan’s first two foals arrived. Wildwych Lantana (Bella) had a colt, Blackwing Tale of Desperaux, and Wildwych Dreamtime had a colt, Blackwing Goodnight Moon. (Yes, our theme for the year is children’s book titles.) Not quite a month later, *Fairyhill Queen gave birth to another colt, Blackwing The Lightning Thief. And lastly but definitely not least, *Glenormiston Clemma gave birth to a darling colt, Blackwing A Wrinkle In Time. With the exception of the fact that it would have been lovely to have a couple of fillies, we are more than pleased with Fintan’s first foal crop. All four are quality colts with excellent movement, type, and athleticism. They have kind natures and will incredibly performance partners.

Fintan is spending the summer on the south shore, where, along with learning to collect off of a phantom, having semen frozen for later use, and having his first shipped semen pregnancy confirmed, he’s being ridden and worked undersaddle both on the flat and over fences. Here is a link to a video showing his progress. Fintan, summer 2017

Fintan and Gabrielle (trot video)

Fintan and Gabrielle (bareback jumping fun)

Fintan and Corinneall ponies have to learn to play bareback, right?

Undersaddle video (first week under saddle)

Follow the Leader with Dad aka Sly

Video (Late Spring of 2016)

Video of Fintan, age 2, at Blue Rock Connemaras

Video of Fintan, 2.5 years old

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