Wildwych Wily Casanova

A very dirty Sly, January 2018
Sly and Avery at Chatt Hills in Fairburn, GA, November 2017.

Wildwych Wily Casanova
Bunowen Castle Ri X Rudgeway Silver Filigree by Oxenholm Matador
2007 purebred Connemara stallion, ACPS inspected and approved
14.3 1/2hh
8 3/4″ bone
Homozygous grey from bay
2019 stud fee $800 LFG
Available Live Cover (limited basis) or Fresh Cooled for shipping

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2018 UPDATE!!

2018 started with a bang. In the first six months, Sly attended 2 clinics- one with Bernie Traurig and one with Laureen McKenzie, attended 3 rated shows- 2 in Folsom, LA and 1 in Pensacola, FL, welcomed to the world his first two foals via AI, and gave pony rides to a large group of visitors to the farm. He’s also working on getting stronger, fitter, and more comfortable as the jumps go higher.

2018 is ended with Sly once again achieving year end awards for both Louisiana Hunter Jumper Association and Gulf Coast Hunter Jumper Association. Though he only attended four association shows, he was Year End Champion of High Schooling Jumpers for Louisiana Hunter Jumper Association. He was Reserve Champion for Gulf Coast Hunter Jumper Association for High Schooling Jumpers though he only attended 2 GCHJA affiliated shows. Because our fall show schedule fell apart due to canceled shows and conflicts, we decided to take the time and do some different things. We attended 2 dressage clinics with Leif Sorensen which were great help for me. Sly is daily getting stronger and his gaits improve each ride. Sydney Talbot rode Sly in his first Hunter Derby at a local schooling show where Avery Wegmann once again showed him in the costume class. Sly also had the opportunity to be on the set of NCIS New Orleans in the background of one scene. It was fabulous fun.

The following is a slideshow of 2018.

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Our 2017 show season has ended with another incredibly successful year. We attended five USEF rated hunter/jumper shows and four schooling shows including the Midwest Connemara Breeder’s Show in St. Louis.  Sly was either Champion or Reserve in the 1.0m jumpers at every rated show we attended. He was Champion of 1.0m jumpers at every schooling show we attended that offered the division. He was Purebred Performance Champion of the Midwest Connemara Breeder’s Show- winning all but one of his classes- competing in Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation with both Avery Wegmann and Sydney Talbot. He won the $1000 Jumper Classic at the GB Halloween Horse Show. He was Year End High Schooling Jumper Champion of both Gulf Coast Hunter Jumper Association and Louisiana Hunter Jumper Association. At every show we attended, Sly was the perfect gentleman. He’s routinely ridden with a halter and a lead rope in mixed company and by juniors. On more than one occasion, he was collected in the morning and ridden in a group lesson by a junior that evening. He was ridden by 12 year old Avery Wegmann in a Halloween costume class in mixed company dressed as a Chick Magnet with Avery being his “Mane Chick.”

In 2017, Sly’s oldest son, Wildwych Porker Blue, began his show career over fences. Porker, a 2011 purebred gelding out of Wildwych Dreamtime finished an incredible first year of showing by winning both LHJA and GCHJA Low Schooling Jumpers Year End Championship. (See Porker’s page for more details) In 2018, Porker moved up to the .95m and 1.0m jumpers.

Sly’s two yearling foals, Blackwing Fleur de Lis and Blackwing Cajun Lullaby, traveled with us to St. Louis to their first show ever and were both impeccably behaved- Blackwing Fleur de Lis winning their inhand trail class with Blackwing Cajun Lullaby coming in second.

Here are some links to videos and a gallery of photos from 2017 depicting Sly’s fabulous second year of showing.

Avery and Sly- Cross Country play

Gabrielle and Sly playing

Sly with his Valentine visitors, Lee and Addie

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Sly and Avery with their ribbons.

We took Sly to St. Louis to show at the Midwest Connemara Breeder’s Show and to be inspected by the ACPS. He was shown in the hunters and equitation by Sydney Talbot and in the jumpers and in-hand by Avery Wegmann. He won all of his performance classes except the first hunter class and finished the weekend being the High Point Connemara (Performance.). Here he is with Avery Wegmann and some of the ribbons they won.

Video of Sly at home over 1.15m

In our first horse shows of 2017, Sly was Champion in the 1.0m jumpers at Horse Shows In the Oaks  (schooling show) Reserve Champion in the 1.0m jumpers at week 1 of the Louisiana Spring Classics and Champion in the 1.0m jumpers at week 2 of the Louisiana Spring Classics (AA shows), and Champion of the 1.0m jumpers at Horse Shows In the Oaks III (schooling show). (Champion or Reserve at every show he attended.) His oldest son, 2011 gelding, Wildwych Porker Blue, was Champion in the .85m jumpers at all four of those shows as well. (See Porker’s page for more details.)

Sly and his son, Porker, at Louisiana Spring Classics AA show, May 2017

**Sly finished his first year of showing (2016) as champion in the Low Schooling Jumpers (.85m – .95m) for both Louisiana Hunter Jumper Association and Gulf Coast Hunter Jumper Association. He was also 3rd with junior rider, Sydney Talbot, in the Hopeful Jumpers (.80m) and 4th with junior rider, Avery Wegmann, in the High Schooling Jumpers (1.0m to 1.10m) for Louisiana Hunter Jumper Association.**

Sly and Syd over 1.15m

Sly and his lead-line rider, Lee.

Sly and Avery in the 1.0m jumpers

Sly in the .95m

Double bareback jumping fun

Learning to Bow

Sly and Sydney

Sly in the .85 and .95 jumpers

    “Fun” video    Short video of Sly’s movement    Sly in SloMo   Sly Jumping   Bareback Play Video

Sly arrived at Blackwing in February of 2015 and since that date has  exceeded our expectations in every way. He is the consummate gentleman both at home and away. He is handled daily by children and adults alike. His manners are impeccable. He is kind and generous. He settles more into his job as a jumper all of the time including grasping the differing concepts of horse shows, clinics, and daily training at home. His form over the jumps continues to improve as does his flatwork. In nine outings in 2016 including both rated and schooling shows, Sly was champion three times and reserve champion three times. With 11 year old junior rider, Avery Wegmann, he won the Hopeful Jumper Classic at the Louisiana Fall Classic I “A” show. Led by Avery Wegmann, Sly was lead-line pony for 4 year old, Lee Kiefer, at the Bayou Classic. Sly’s first two foals at Blackwing, Blackwing Cajun Lullaby (out of Wildwych Dreamtime) and Blackwing Fleur de Lis (out of Wildwych Lantana) are both beautiful moving, correct, and strong foals. His 2013 intact son, our Blue Rock Fintan out of *Murvey Inver Lor, continues to mature into the stellar young stallion we hoped he’d be. His oldest son, 2011 gelding Porker Blue, is maturing beautifully with a great jump and even better mind. We are looking forward to 2017 and even greater things from this super pony stallion and his get!


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Sly at the Midwest Connemara Breeder's Show. Photo courtesy Jessica Cohen
Sly at the Midwest Connemara Breeder’s Show where he was Champion Stallion and Reserve Champion Connemara under Irish judge, Heather Dean-Wright. Photo courtesy Jessica Cohen

Sly’s history before coming to Blackwing….Sly was imported in utero by Mary Prewitt of Wildwych Connemaras in Colorado and grew up on the harsh and beautiful Colorado plains. He stood for two seasons at Wildwych siring five foals. In 2011, Wildwych Penny Dreadful out of *Glenormiston Roscrea (Oxenholm Gideon), Wildwych Talking Trash out of Wildwych Valkyrie (*Glenormiston Flurry Knox) and Wildwych Porker Blue out of Wildwych Dreamtime (Aran Milano) were born. In 2012, Wildwych Slick Willy out of Wildwych Jezebel (Glenormiston Flurry Knox) and Wildwych Tricky Dick out of *Skatholm Rose (Dangan Boy) were born. Sly moved to Blue Rock Connemaras in LaPorte, Indiana in 2011. While at Blue Rock, he attended the 2011 Midwest Connemaras breeders show where he was Champion stallion and Reserve Champion Connemara under Irish judge, Heather Dean Wright. Sly stood for two years at Blue Rock Connemaras siring several lovely foals out of John Keaney’s stellar mares. In July of 2013, Sly moved to Avelene Connemaras in Trumansburg, NY. There he sired his first halfbred, Avelene Mireu, as well as a purebred colt out of *Glenormiston Roscrea, Avelene Morrowseer. In February of 2015, Sly headed south to New Orleans to further his undersaddle training. He lives at Tavia Equine Center, a hunter/jumper barn. Up until now, Sly’s undersaddle work had been limited. He knew the basics. Now he begins to learn the “real” stuff. He seems to love it- especially the jumping. He was also quite pleased to find that grass grows in New Orleans in February. In April of 2015 we had the chance to purchase Sly from Avelene Connemaras. Sly is now a permanent resident of Blackwing Connemaras. We are thrilled. Sly has a wonderful, kind disposition and is regularly handled by children and adults alike. He loves to work and is happy and willing undersaddle. Sly has three very good, balanced, and uphill gaits. He has a long stride and a powerful hind end. Though just started jumping in summer 2015, he shows promise and we are very pleased with his progress. Sly is a gentleman in the barn and undersaddle. He is ridden with mares and geldings in group settings and behaves impeccably. For the most part, Sly lives at Tavia Equine Center but he does come home to Blackwing to visit his ladies from time to time. Below are pictures of Sly at home and at Tavia and throughout his travels from Colorado to Indiana to New York and then to Blackwing. We love this boy.


Some of Sly’s Foals

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