T F Classic Twist

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“…all I remember are the dreams in the mist.”

Bernie Taupin, Martin George Page, “These Dreams”

T F Classic Twist
aka ‘Ditto’

Triple Twist X Skipping Class by Orientate

2011 Thoroughbred Stallion
On lease from Melissa Mayo, Twist of Fate Farm, Lesage, WV

“Hold fast to dreams.”

Langston Hughes

What Dreams are made of…

Ditto’s pedigree reads like The Who’s Who of Thoroughbred Jumper breeding in North America. He IS of those “lost and forgotten” lines that people such as Denny Emerson and William Micklem write. His sire, Triple Twist, crosses back to New Twist three times. A great jumper in his own right, New Twist, a son of Bonne Nuit, crosses back to the great dam, Bonne Cause, twice himself. Besides, Bonne Cause, Bonne Nuit, and New Twist, Ditto’s sire’s pedigree boasts names such as Good Twist, Wait A Bit, Chilly Twist, Tomboy aka Jane’s Bit, Good News Joe, Chilly Beau, Nasrullah, Teddy, The Tetrarch, Gainsborough, Dark Ronald… the list goes on. Ditto’s dam, Skipping Class, has a spectacular pedigree for sport horse breeding. She is by Orientate out of a Dynaformer mare whose second dam in the great Irish mare, Galunpe. This dam line is excellent for producing sport horses. Skipping Class has Turn-To twice (Best Turn and Hail to Reason), Blushing Groom, and Nasrullah. In fact, Skipping Class’s dam line is the perfect balance to Triple Twist’s sire line. With a sire line like Triple Twist and a dam line like Skipping class, it’s no wonder that Ditto is producing so consistently out of a wide variety of mares. To read more on Ditto’s family, please follow this link:

Ditto himself is kind and gentle. He is happy living out with his mares and foals, next to geldings, foals, mares, or any combination of the above. In a stall, he is quiet and content, and enjoys watching the world unfold around him. There is not a mean bone in his body- in fact, he is more tolerant and forgiving on a daily basis than a certain pony stallion I know (cough, cough: Sly). Ditto is a cuddler who adores his humans of all sizes and is often waiting at the gate when it’s time to work. He has a lovely work ethic and truly seems to enjoy going to new places and meeting new people and new equine friends. Ditto can jump. As jump is a proven heritable trait, how could he not with his pedigree? Originally spending less than a year down south with us, the plan has changed and Ditto will stay here for the foreseeable future (and Fintan stays with Melissa to see how far he can go as an eventer!!). This gives us time to get out into the jumper world and see with the little big guy can do! He may be smaller than most of the giants we see nowadays, but he’s quick and catty and brave. Jumping skill is not directly related to size as is proven by his great great grandsire, Good Twist, sire of Gem Twist, who was only 15.1h himself.

Good Twist (New Twist X Ianthe by Ethnos)

“The size of a horse is an issue that’s vastly overrated. Nearly everyone wants a big horse, but there are plenty of small horses out there that are wonderful jumpers….Good Twist, the foundation sire of my breeding program and the winner of many international classes, was only 15.1 hands tall. Many people would have overlooked him because of his size.” Frank Chapot, Winning With Frank Chapot.


Out of Thoroughbred, ISH, and pony mares, Ditto is producing athletic, brave offspring with good minds and people pleasing temperaments. Though he is not large himself, Ditto often produces height greater than himself, even when bred to large pony mares. His oldest son, Lincoln, out of Dark Horse Leap Of Faith (14.1h), is 16 hands as a four year old. Ditto’s offspring have good movement, bone, and athleticism to spare. Ditto is an excellent choice for adding necessary blood back into heavier mares as he’s eager while not being hot, tolerant of mistakes, willing to try whatever is asked, and has a prepotent pedigree packed not only with performance greats, but with those who produced great performers as well.

“Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

We are pleased and proud to be able to offer these bloodlines and would happily breed Ditto to our own mares based on his pedigree alone but Ditto’s temperament is the icing on the cake. While he’s had only a handful of chances in his 8 years to experience the world outside of his home and/or covering mares, his innate temperament shines. From hacking around bareback with a halter and lead rope, to standing quietly for the farrier, to being a gentleman around mares, geldings, and other stallions, Ditto has quickly won our hearts. We can’t wait to get out into the world and see what this boy can do!

“Every real story is a neverending story.”

Michael Ende, The Neverending Story

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